Deon Hinton is a multidisciplinary artist who creates visual poetry—through stills, motion, words, and creative direction. Offering a deep sense of multidimensional storytelling, Deon’s lens captures the emotive warmth and beauty of the human experience. Working with revolutionary luxury fashion houses across the globe such as Dior, Fendi, Gucci, Margiela, Prada, and Byredo, Deon Hinton utilizes every initiative to showcase a narrative and create a 1 of 1 sensorial experience. A vessel for stories that go unseen and unheard, Deon’s work is a visual representation of freedom, that anything is possible.

To enter Deon’s world is to find yourself flying over a field of a hundred thousand poems. Every feather of your wings has grown from a milestone, a heartbreak, a loss, or a lesson, which seeks to guide your journey to inner and outer worlds more beautiful than your wildest dreams. To enter Deon’s world is to realize that you will not take flight one are already soaring.

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